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Professional Biohacker & Stress Reducer
 Have you ever been strolling through life and WHAM - everything changes?! That was me just a few months ago - I am a mama to two gorgeous boys and all of a sudden our world was rocked off its axis and my stable business fell apart.  I was a workaholic trading hours for dollars with immense guilt because my son needed me.  My desire to be mama & desire to provide were in conflict.  I needed a way to break that conflict.

And so Reduce Your Stress came into being - where I help my family & yours biohack to reduce stress - and my schedule is flexible now so I can give my son the attention he needs.
I taught high school mathematics for 10 years before embracing entrepreneurship and finding amazing success.
Life Optimized.
Discover the YOU that you were MADE to be.  Before toxins, before age, before stress got in the way.
I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, but I also wanted afford date night.  And vacations.
I found the way to have MORE.
Come let's dream big & get our choice back.
Need to change
"Protandim is possibly the most 

Extraordinary Breakthrough 

in the history of medicine"

– Washington
Embrace a life with less stress and more freedom.  Unlock your DNA's potential.  What more are you capable of?
Gettin' Your Groove.
What could you do with an hour more each day?  What if any project you touched you could focus on 100% & be a productive machine?!  Am I speaking your language?  Well welcome, friend!

Plug into our community here & I'll teach you how to hack your brain.
Real Results From Real People
General Manager of the Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens:

I have been taking Protandim for more than 3 years, after I started taking it my workouts became stronger, longer, more intense and with shorter recovery time. I will never miss a day of taking my Protandim.

 -Ozzie Newsome
Ozzie n.
Being sick for seven years was a very difficult time in our lives. Not just for me, but my entire family suffered with me. 

When I was introduced to this concept of biohacking my body using products that activate what God gave me, I was FLOORED! I had never seen anything like it before. In 5 days, my life was forever changed. I will never go a day without this as it not only changed my life, it is saving my life as well.

-Kimberly K.
Kimberly k.
I feel compelled to share it, whenever I have the opportunity to discuss health and wellness, I mention Protandim because it has made a difference in my life. I talk a lot about good health because it's a priority for me.  I believe in staying fit and getting regular exercise.  Throughout my life, I've been on the lookout for products that help me maintain my youth and vigor.  I've done my research and it led me to Protandim.  My doctor recommended Protandim and I love Protandim, I take it every day!
-Donny Osmond
Donny o.
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